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When & Where

We meet at 1260 Bedok Reservoir Road, a church building located next to Blk 617 of Bedok Reservoir Road. Feeder bus No. 60 (from either Bedok or Eunos Bus Interchange/MRT) and 228 from Bedok Interchange stops right outside our side gate.

9. 00 am The Ministry of the Word
This time of worship includes praise, prayer, scripture readings and preaching of God's word begins at 9 am and end at 10.15 am.

10.15 am Fellowship Time
A short fellowship during which Christians and friends can get to know each other and catch up with each other. Light refreshments are provided.

10.45 am The Ministry of the Table
The church gathers to partake of the Holy Communion. This is also a time of pastoral concerns and the children join the adults for this session.

The children join the adults for the first 30 minutes of the worship service. They then proceed to their own time of worship.

9.30 am Worship
Preaching, prayer, praise, and communion is done during this time.

The church believes in the importance of corporate Bible Study. Our Bible Class teachers share from scripture and the Christians learn together and encourage one another in the faith. The following classes are held on Sundays?

Children's classes
These classes start at 11.30 a.m. and cater to different age groups. There is a toddler's class, a "Middlers" class (Primary 2 to Primary 4), and pre-teens class (Primary 5 and older). In addition to lessons taught from the Bible, the younger children are taught art and craft work to illustrate the lessons they learn. Outings and camps are also organized for the children of these classes.

Adult's classes
These classes begins at 11.30 a.m. Believing that God wants us to grow in the knowledge of his Word, Christians at Bedok church are encouraged to be a part of Bible classes every Sunday. The adults have 3 Bible Classes that cater to the different spiritual needs of the people. The Adults' Class cover books of the Bible as well as topics that touch on the Christian life. The New Christian's Class is a class for new Christians, helping them to build a solid foundation for their Christian life. These classes include instruction as well as discussion time. Classes are also held for those visiting the church. These may be done as group study or on a one-to-one basis depending on the need. At different times of the year, some of these classes may be combined to study a coordinated topic.

Mandarin Bible Class
This is held at 11.30 am on Sundays. This class meets at the fellowship hall.

The Small Groups of the church get together during the week for mutual encouragement and support. These small groups were begun for the purpose of allowing each Christian to minister to one another. Being smaller in number, it is easier for a Christian to be given opportunities to serve, thus growing in faith. Each Small groups session consist of time spent in prayer, praise, Bible study and mutual encouragement.

The Bedok church has small groups meeting during the week. One group meets in the western area of Singapore and the other two in the eastern area of Singapore. Two groups meet in homes of members in rotation and one group meets at the church building.

For detailed information, leave us a note at and we will get back to you with the detailed information for the week.

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